The Pitch

Nobody in the creative field wants to become a starving artist. Yet the majority strive to make it big in a metropolitan city. Surviving is tough, but surviving in New York as a designer is even tougher. We, a typography class at the Columbus College of Art & Design, have compiled a book of selected agencies and designers in New York City detailed with their projects and company information. It was created as a guide for our trip, but we hope it can be useful for any designer with an interest in New York’s graphic design and advertising industry. So, whether you’re searching for inspiration,looking for a job, or wanting the best pizza slice in the city, our guide will help you find your way.

Design Process 

Design by committee was something that was treading a bit out of everyone's comfort zone on this one. The class had to make changes, agree upon major design decisions and ditch honest good work to move forward with the overall vision for the final product. Ultimately the best of everyone shined through on this project, which ultimately earned everyone in the class a silver Addy for our hard work.

The Book

Shown Below are a few selections from the book I personally had a hand in designing and editing. Because of the density of the book only a small selection is shown. The Full book is available for purchase Here on